Thursday, January 28, 2010

My life right now

OK, so its been a while since I last posted. My goal for this year is to at least do it every month, we will see how that goes. :) So, I am going to update you on my life so far, recently, back in October I was with the marching band when one of our buses crashed and flipped over, ejecting our beloved staff member from the bus, she died on the scene. It was very hard to have to sit there on the other buses not knowing what was going on outside, all we could see for maybe two hours was the bus on the ground, students getting out, and police and ambulance sirens. It was a really hard thing for the band to have to deal with in the middle of our season. The amazing thing was that our staff member died a hero, she died saving the students on that bus, more people definitely should have died, we truly witnessed a miracle. She truly will be missed. In the end we dedicated the show to her and everytime we performed that show it was for her. After that event happened our band director brought a trauma counselor in and he taught us to look at this tragedy as an experience, he taught us to believe in ourselves and to believe that we can do anything, it was just an amazing experience. After all of this nothing else really happened in my life, but I am a senior in high school and I am getting ready to go to college in the fall. Its crazy to think that it is so soon. As of right now I am just trying to survive high school even though I am so done with it. I can't wait to move on with my life and start college. As of right now I really want to go into Psychology and become a Psychologist, if I do that I really wan to get a PhD and be a Psychologist for people with multiple personality disorders, schitzos (I think I spelled that right), and stuff like that. But I really won't decide completely until I start school and decide that's what I really want to do. Anyways, I am really excited, but right now I am in class, shh. :) So I have to go.

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