Monday, March 8, 2010

Movie Review

OK so I saw the movie Alice In Wonderland and like I said before I am going to give you guys a review, sorry it is not that night like I said I would. I thought the movie was great. It was very well done, but I do agree with the the movie critics when they say that it was not Tim Burton's best. I liked the movie, but there are other movies that he has done that I like better. Besides that, I loved the movie and I don't agree with the movie critics when they give it a D or two stars. If I were to rate it I would give it an A- and four and a half stars, or just four. It definitely wasn't a five star movie, like Avatar or something (I have not seen Avatar but thats what I have heard.) but it was definitely good and one of my favorites, special affects were pretty good. I would recommend it and when it comes out I will be at the store buying it. :) For those of you who have not seen it, go see it and if you can, see it in 3D because that was pretty cool. I also realized there are a lot of well known actors in that movie who all did a very good job. Alan Rickman (Professor Snape in Harry Potter) was the voice of the caterpiller. Anne Hathaway played the white queen. Helena Bohnam Carter (Belatrix also from Harry Potter) played the Red Queen or the queen of hearts. Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter. Oh and another Harry Potter character played a minor role, I am not sure her name but she played the Half giant Head Mistress for the all girls school that came to Hogwarts in the fourth one. :) so anyways just some familiar faces.

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