Monday, April 12, 2010

The End Of The Year

It is the end of my senior year and I am so excited to graduate. I am so tired of school and all of the work that comes with it, well all of the busy work which is basically most of high school assignments. Some have a point but lately I have felt like I have had to do pointless assignments. I know there is a lot of work to be done in college, but I also know that college is completely different then high school and I am completely done with high school. I will miss the fun time with my friends though. I have had so much fun this year. Going out to eat with friends, going to the movies, writing on each other's car windows, our Costco trips, and so much more. I am going to be so sad to have to part with my friends in the fall when we all go our separate ways. Right now I am trying to have as much fun as I can. Last week was spring break and since I recently quit my job I didn't have to work so it was great being able to be out with friends every night. We had a lot of fun, but now it is back to reality, I am back in school and I start my new job this week, probably tomorrow. But it was very happy to wake up this morning and be able to hear the birds chirping and to look out and see blue skies. I was beginning to get so sick of all the snow we were getting. Apparently it is suppose to snow or rain today, if it does one, it had better rain, I love rain. :) If it rained at least three times a week, I would be very happy. I know that a lot of people get seasonal depression and when it rains most people become very grumpy because it is a gloomy day, not for me, I jump for joy and I am happy. :) Anyways, I am just rambling on now. So when something absolutely exciting happens in my life I will post again. Until then TTFN!


Megan said...

ttfn??? haha wow.... j/k.

Emily's Blog said...

Ha Ha yes I just thought maybe I would say that. :)