Saturday, March 26, 2011

Texting while driving..... Oh and the Festival of Colors

So I went to the festival of colors today with a bunch of my friends. A festival that is at the Krishna Temple in Spanish Fork. It is an Indian festival and you throw chalk dust everywhere and all over people at a certain time. Its awesome because tons of people go and so when the chalk is thrown you cant see a thing but a bunch of colorful dust. It was pretty awesome and I am still finding chalk everywhere even after I took a shower. But anyways, as we were driving back home we were on the freeway where we saw a semi truck driver who was TEXTING while DRIVING!!! I thought that was ridiculous! Texting while driving is not safe anyways thousands of people die each year from accidents related to texting while driving. Semi trucks are already big trucks that are not all that easy to control when they did get out of control or need to swerve, and to put a person texting while driving a semi truck is a huge risk. If that person were to wreck because he was texting it would be more then likely that the people in the other car would not survive. Semi trucks are huge. Seriously people lets screw our heads on straight and realize exactly what we are doing. No text is more important than someones life. Put the phone away and pay attention to the road.

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