Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The weekend :)

I am so excited for this weekend, I have been in the need of a break, some kind of distraction from the stess of school work and of finals week that is coming up. My family is going to New Mexico for a family reunion/90th birthday party for my grandma. I was very disapointed when I found out that I wouldn't be able to make it due to tests and presentations in my classes throughout that week. I was angry that this weekend I would be stuck here and my family would be enjoying a vacation without me. Things started to look up when my friend texted me and told me that she would be coming down to visit. I am so excited. I love her to death and this is going to be an awesome weekend! She has been here before so my friends here know her, we have been planning on things that we can do and it is already looking like a perfect weekend. It is going to be nice just to take it easy and have some fun. She is coming friday but on thursday night my roommates and I are going on a dennys run. This is a very popular college tradition here, but you have to go at midnight. We are leaving right at midnight when my roommate gets off work. Its going to be fun, something about driving 45 minutes to a place to eat at midnight always makes it funner then if you were to drive 5 minutes at six or something. Anyways, Its going to be a great weekend, and I can't wait!

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