Monday, May 16, 2011

Across The Universe

OK so I haven't been called by the counselors, I am getting a little annoyed but they did say there was a wait period. Oh well I guess I just have to be patient. Ha so I decided that it would be cool to have the title of all my posts from here on out be a title of one of the Beatles songs. It shouldn't be too hard, they have a lot of songs and my blog title is also a Beatles song so why not carry out the tradition? :) In a couple weeks I will be going to New Mexico and I am so excited. My family recently went without me for my grandma's 90th birthday celebration but I could not go because I was in school. I get to go this time and I can't wait. It is not across the universe but it is across Utah and into New Mexico. ;) It may as well seem to be though it really is not like Utah one bit. There is not a lot of grass, it is all pretty dry and there is a lot more culture there. I am not a big fan of it buy most of my family on my mom's side live there and we are staying with my grandma. I will get to see my cousins and Aunt and Uncles so it will be nice. While we are there we are going to drive to Durango with my cousin and probably my aunt to spend the day there. I just can't wait for these next couple weeks to go by so that I can get in the car and make that 8 hour drive it will really be nice to get away.

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