Monday, February 1, 2010

Alice In Wonderland

OK so I was just searching on youtube for a video my friends made when I came across the trailer for the new Alice In Wonderland movie made by Tim Burton. I just love his films they are so interesting, some are dark and mysterious and some are very colorful and different. I am so excited for this movie too, especially since Johnny Depp is playing the role as the Mad Hatter. I watched the trailer and I just had chills I am so excited, it looks awesome, call me a nerd I know but I definitely want to go see this movie opening day if I can. That is really all I have to say except that I am so so excited!!! I can't wait!!! :) By the way, it comes out in theaters March 5, 2010. There are a lot of trailers out right now but if you want to see my favorite one, the one I am talking about, here is the link

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