Saturday, February 27, 2010


I just want to take a minute to reflect on my life a little bit. In the past year I have come across two events that were near death experiences, I guess you could say. The first one was the bus accident about four months ago. The most recent one was on Thursday, I was at work when we all of a sudden heard the loudest bang I have ever heard. The ground shook so hard. When it stopped we all immediately looked out the window to see that a house right next to us blew up! It was crazy people were running around and it was just like the movies. We called the cops and they came and evacuated us. We took our cars and drove a little ways from the building. They wouldn't let us back in because there was a gas leak, and who knew if our work would blow too. It was a long night. Now looking back on the bus crash none of the students died and I wasn't on that bus, but it is very possible that it could have been my bus and I could have died. When the house exploded I could have been out there and been in the explosion and all. I just want to say I am grateful that I still have time on this earth. There is a lot that I need to fix before I return to my Heavenly Father. You never know what could happen, so now I think that I am going to start reading my scriptures more, praying more, and trying to get more out of Sunday School and Seminary lessons. You just never know when your time could be.

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Jen said...

Glad you are okay....again. I can't imagine my world with out you!

Keep working hard, playing hard, and praying hard. Everything will work out!