Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Why Does it Have to be Everywhere?

Oh my gosh, I could die. OK so Leslie and I were walking down the halls at the high school when we looked over at one of the glass cases that they decorate with announcements and things, what they had done was that they took the lifesize cardboard statues of Edward , Jacob, and Bella from twilight. They put these things in the glass case with red lights draped around them and a big sign that read "AF's newest interns" oh my gosh we are in high school for heaven sakes, that is something that would be understandable at a junior high, or even the elementary school. It really frustrated me when I saw girls standing in front of the glass case posing and waiting for there friends to take pictures of them with three of the "most important people in the world"... gag me please. What is the point in the glass case anyway, nothing i am sure, its just sad. Anyways, I just had to complain a little about twilight again..sorry.

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