Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Is Wrong.....?

So I was driving today with some friends and we came across this stop sign. Someone had taken sticker lettering and placed Obama under the word stop. I know that our president probably has not made the best decisions and I know that a lot of America has a hard time supporting him, but do we really need to go as far as disrespect? You know, nobody is perfect, and in Obama's mind the decisions he has made for our country may have, at the time sounded like a great idea. Everybody makes mistakes. I know it is hard to take mistakes from our nation wide leader, but he is in fact our leader and it is important that we should respect him. Not all of his ideas are stupid. Now, even I have complained about him too, I mean what the heck is he thinking as far as his health care plan goes? But I still think that it is rude to put his name on a stop sign like that, even though I know the first amendment clearly states we have our freedom of speech but I feel very strongly that we should have at least a little respect for our leaders, and that's all I have to say on the matter.


Caitlin Wright said...

Ha ha Emily I told you about that! I love it when people write on stops signs! Like "don't STOP believing" or "STOP in the name of love"-things like that :)- I think it's funny :)-Caitlin

Emily's Blog said...

Well it is funny, but its sad.